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Unprecedented mortality rates in Sudan



Activists published a video taken at Hamad El Nil Cemetery in Omdurman that shows 15 bodies being buried simultaneously. People living next to the Farouk Cemetery in Khartoum indicated that an unprecedented large number of bodies were buried in a single day.

Doctors confirmed the seriousness of the situation and said that dozens of people, who had not been in hospital, are buried daily without death certificates. They pointed out that the coronavirus (Covid-19) cases statistics do not reflect the real number of people that died of the virus, because the statistics only show the tested and then recorded patients.

El Fasher University published an obituary for 12 of its employees and their family members.

Residents of El Gedaref reported an increase in mortality rates, especially among the elderly. They pointed to the lack of health care in hospitals and shortages of medicines. Also, prices for medicines have increased sharply, so low-income people can no longer afford them.


The Kassala Emergency Chamber suspended its work because of the many suspected cases among the Chamber’s volunteers and the large number of contacts with other people that they have. The suspension will last until new teams can be formed.

The Kassala Ministry of Health announced that the state now has 37 confirmed coronavirus cases in 20 districts of Kassala city and New Halfa.

The Kassala Technical Committee for Health Emergencies asked all those who have been in contact with Minister of Youth and Sports Walaa El Boushi last week when she visited the state, to go into quarantine, carry out the necessary health precautions and report their health condition, according to the Ministry of Health protocol. This includes tribal leaders, officials, Forces for Freedom and Change committee members and members of resistance committees.

El Boushi tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week. She was member of the joint Sovereign Council and government delegation that was trying to reconcile warring Nuba and Beni Amer tribes.

The committee stated that community outreach requires more precautionary measures.

North Kordofan

The security committee in Sheikan locality, North Kordofan, extended the closure of the markets in El Obeid until coming Sunday to prevent a further spread of the coronavirus.

The committee appealed to the people to adhere tot he precautionary measures. Legal procedures will be filed against people that violate the precautions and directives issued by the authorities.

3,976 recorded cases

The federal Ministry of Health announced yesterday that 156 new coronavirus cases were recorded in Sudan. Five more people died. This brings the total number of registered cases in Sudan to 3,976 cases, of which 170 died.

142 of the new cases were recorded in Khartoum state, 5 in South Darfur, 3 in White Nile and East Darfur, 2 in Kassala, and 1 in El Gezira.

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