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Sudan: N. Darfur’s Professionals Association – Slogans and Chants Against Revolution Objectives Are From Hidden Agents



Al-Fasher — The Professionals’ Association of North Darfur State issued a statement on the occasion of the June 30 processions to be conducted this afternoon by the Revolutionary Forces to express demands for achieving peace, completing power structures, achieving justice and addressing the citizens’ living conditions.

The statement started with by asking mercy on the souls of the honorable martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the homeland and in loyalty to the revolution, and wished the return of the missing revolutionaries.

The statement indicated that the memory of June 30th, witnesses a dire economic conditions that the country is facing, while bright hope awaiting the people after the remove of the defunct regime with persistence and determination.

The statement reminded of the past year that was marked with the stance of the patient people behind its civil government to achieve the goals of the steadfast and patient people by uniting their goals for an independent civil authority in order to improve the economic conditions under the current circumstances

The statement of N. Darfur Professionals has asserted trust on the transitional government, headed by Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk, demanding the correction of the revolution’s path by the participating parties, and to make way for the national competencies without partisan quotas to improve economic conditions by political approach with all components of the transitional authority to achieve the goals of the constitutional document.