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Sudan: Al-Batahani – the National Building Forum an Open National Platform



Khartoum — The head of the expert committee of the University of Khartoum Forum for National Building and Democratic Transition, Professor Atta Al-Batahani, affirmed that the forum represents an open national forum for political, civil and youth forces to think about solutions to issues that currently stand in the way of the homeland.

During the preparatory session of the forum today, Professor Al-Batahani, noted that the themes that will be discussed in the forum represent challenges, calling for a comprehensive and overall discussion of the entangled issues which is difficult to separate them during the stages of transition.

He added that the axis of the forum include, the peace-building, the economic reform and development, the state-building strategies for Sudan and the constitutional and political reform.

Al-Batahani asserted that decoding of the war in Sudan since the 50th demands awareness of the history movement that requires the type of leadership that expresses the origin of the Sudanese nation, and is inspired by the slogan of the Sudanese revolution, freedom, peace and justice, with the determination to establish a civilian state to achieve the Sudanese Renaissance.

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