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Qatari Forum for Authors shows solidarity with Sudanese people



Qatari Forum for Authors shows solidarity with Sudanese people

 17 Sep 2020 – 8:33

Qatari Forum for Authors shows solidarity with Sudanese people

Panellists during an online session organised by Qatari Forum for Authors as part of ‘Peace of Sudan’ campaign.

Doha: The Qatari Forum for Authors organised a special session titled ‘Peace of Sudan’ campaign in solidarity with Sudanese people at their difficult time following the devastating flood which hit the country recently. 

The latest developments in Sudan and the efforts of the State of Qatar to provide relief  to those affected by the floods were discussed in the session.

The event was attended by the Cultural Adviser at the Embassy of Sudan in Qatar, Dr. Abd Al Ilah Abusen; Dr. Abbas Al Hajj Al Amin, an expert on heritage and identity at the Ministry Culture and Sports; and Awatef Abdul Latif, a writer, journalist and social activist.

The session was moderated by Saleh Gharib, the Program Director of the Forum. 

Dr. Abusen briefed the participants about the situation in Sudan after high water level caused unexpected flooding of the Nile River in different regions of the country.

He said that what happened in Sudan is a humanitarian disaster, but the Sudanese people have rolled up their sleeves to overcome the after-effects of the natural disaster which caused causalities and loss of properties.

Dr. Abusen sent a message of thanks to the State of Qatar, which he said had remained supportive of Sudan in all its adversities, as well as the various countries of the world and the organisations that had come to help in a short time. Awatef Abdul Latif said that the support that Sudan received from Qatar and from many countries eased the people’s anxiety and grief.

She noted that what happened in Sudan is unprecedented which has worsened the conditions in the country, especially as it suffers from many problems on several levels, especially that the state is in the stage of construction and rebuilding.

Awatef thanked Qatari charitable organisations notably Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), which made great efforts to help the affected people in various regions, even small villages. She noted that the disaster and its repercussions on the ground are greater than what is reported by the media because of the extent of the destruction that affected agriculture, homes and animals.

Dr. Hajj Al Amin thanked the State of Qatar, the people and the government, for their solidarity with Sudan, and also thanked the Qatari Forum for Authors, which allowed them to discuss the dimensions of the natural disaster, and explained that Qatar’s stand with the Sudanese people is not new. 

The State of Qatar has always stood by Sudan’s side in adversity and at all times, said Dr. Al Amin, emphasising that the Qatari people enjoy noble human feelings, respect for others and cooperation.

He said that the broad headline which summarising the situation of Sudan at the current stage is ‘the great disaster’ and that this disaster will worsen in the coming period because Sudan is always threatened by floods in the autumn season.


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